Students in leadership positions learn about brain tumors and gain real world experience in running a non-profit business while raising funds for brain tumor research. Beneficiaries of the money we raise are Barrow Neurological Institute, National Brain Tumor Society, Phoenix Children's Hospital, Translational Genomics Research Institute, and University of Arizona.

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Our Beneficiaries

  • University of AZ Research Centers
    University of AZ Research Centers
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Brain Tumor News

Advances in medical science have resulted in higher cancer survival rates, but the treatments consisting mainly of chemotherapy and radiation are still rough on patients. A team of researchers from MIT has devised an AI platform that can help.

Researchers have tracked the missing T-cells in glioblastoma patients. They found them in abundance in the bone marrow, locked away and unable to function because of a process the brain stimulates in response to glioblastoma, to other tumors that metastasize in the brain and even to injury.

Acetazolamide, sold under the trade name Diamox, is a drug used to treat altitude sickness, glaucoma, epilepsy, heart failure, and seizures. According to a new study, acetazolamide may also be effective in treating the fast-growing brain tumor glioblastoma.

Theragen ETEX said Tuesday that it has developed a technique, which can identify the cause of recurrence of pediatric brain tumor, using genetic analysis technique.

The proof-of-concept technique allows biomarkers from a brain tumor to pass through the blood-brain barrier into a patient’s blood using noninvasive focused ultrasound and microbubbles. The focused ultrasound technique could be viewed as a tool for enhancing ‘two-way trafficking’ between the brain and blood.

Researchers have come up with a new drug-delivering nanoparticle which may provide a more effective means to treat the brain cancer glioblastoma. The particles are equipped to transport two different drugs.

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