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Students in leadership positions learn about brain tumors and gain real world experience in running a non-profit business while raising funds for brain tumor research. Beneficiaries of the money we raise are Barrow Neurological Institute, National Brain Tumor Society, Phoenix Children's Hospital, Translational Genomics Research Institute, and University of Arizona.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world..." Gandhi

Our Beneficiaries

  • University of AZ Research Centers
    University of AZ Research Centers
  • Quote 6 - Erich Fromm

    “Not he who has much is rich but he who gives much.”

    — Erich Fromm

Brain Tumor Research News

Treatment with AV-GBM-1, a personalized cancer vaccine, was associated with a significant survival outcome improvement compared to standard-of-care therapies in patients with newly diagnosed glioblastoma, according to the vaccine’s manufacturer, AIVITA Biomedical Inc.

With the rise of VR and advancing surgical techniques, neurosurgical teams are developing an increased understanding of patients’ anatomo-functional connectivity. Consequently, more specific cognitive tasks are being required for the mapping and preservation of deeper layers of cognition.

Incorporating functional MRI (fMRI) into brain tumor resection planning can help reduce the possibility of negative outcomes patients might experience after surgery. In a study published in the June 1 Radiology, investigators from Johns Hopkins Hospital showed that using fMRI is an effective way to safeguard brain cancer patients health.

Michigan Medicine's neurosurgery team increased accuracy rate from 68% to 96% by developing a computer vision model to help improve pathologist decision support.

Neuro-oncologist Dr. Santosh Kesari talks about the difficulties of treating brain cancer and the promise that mRNA vaccines hold

Two experimental drug approaches may extend survival and enhance the effectiveness of standard chemotherapies for a highly aggressive type of pediatric brain cancer, researchers report.

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